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Question of the Week: 8/6/14

What is your favorite video game controller of all time and why?


Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

The GameCube controller hands down!  Honestly, I can’t explain why.  Maybe it was because it was so weird?  Or because the buttons were in just the right spots and just the right size?  Who knows.  All I know is that anytime I think of the perfect controller, the GameCube controller comes to mind.  


Myles Farrington, Senior Editor:

Favorite anything is hard for me to pick. However, considering my hand size and the layout of buttons, it’s between the PlayStation 4 controller and the Xbox 360 controller. If we’re going off of time spent, I would say Xbox 360, if the final factor is progress and nostalgia, PlayStation 4. The PS4 controller was a leap and bound ahead of the PS3 controller. No more slick plastic grips that taper off and leave your hand wanting somewhere to rest, no more crappy L2 and R2 buttons, now they’re legit triggers. It just feels… right.


Shawn Richards, Associate Editor:

I had a hard time with this one. I was torn between the Xbox 360 controller and the PS4 controller. However, my pick has to go to the DualShock controller. Originally planned to be bundled with the Ape Escape PSX game, this is the controller that all others are based on. To this day, my hands are still comfortable and at home with the PS2 controller of choice.

Also, if anyone says the N64 controller. Don’t listen to them. They are lying through their teeth as that is the worst and most awkward controller in existence.


Jesse Webster, Senior Writer:

I don’t have massive hands so I always thought that the PlayStation controllers felt right to me. From PlayStation to PlayStation 4, I like the way it feels. The GameCube is a close second. There is a reason why the new Smash Brothers can use the GameCube. The GameCube is ideal for Fighters. The Soul Calibur II GameCube version is better than the Xbox and PlayStation 2 because of the controller. Resident Evil 4 even controlled better on a GameCube.


Aaron Dobbe, Associate Writer:

It’s gotta be the Wii U GamePad. Living in a house with a bunch of TV addicts has made Off-TV Play a revelation for me. Even setting that aside, I love the button placement, I love the analog sticks (finally, a Nintendo analog stick without those silly notches!), I love the lack of analog triggers (yeah, I said it). Perhaps it’s a bit odd, but I also find the heft of the controller to be really satisfying. It’s not extremely heavy, but it feels solid in a way that most controllers don’t. The size of the controller means my hands are set at a comfortable distance apart, rather than being scrunched together at an awkward angle (which is really hard on my wrists). And, most importantly of all, the GamePad continues the Nintendo tradition of actually having a decent D-Pad. Seriously, I think the Vita is the only non-Nintendo console I’ve played whose D-Pad isn’t complete garbage. It’s a crime that there aren’t more fighting games on the console to take advantage of it!


Andrew Lee, Associate Writer:

I never really thought about my controllers. I cared about the game I was playing and having fun with it. However, I will say the Dualshock 4 is a vast improvement over the Dualshock 3.


Benjamin Luthi, Associate Writer:

The GameCube controller was excellent in almost every way, but I think I have to say the N64 had the best controller. It was so versatile and extremely comfortable. It felt so good to hit that Z button in shooting games. Nothing since has been as close to a real trigger (outside of arcade style gun controllers, of course).


Chad Waller, Associate Writer:

Mouse and Keyboard, at least when it comes to shooters. I need me the precision of that mouse, and the keyboard is home to so many buttons! But when I’m not playing shooters, I really fancy the Gamecube controller. There’s something about it that feels so perfect and comfortable, despite the tiny little C stick. Also, I really like the bright colors.


Dustin LaRoe, Associate Writer:

I gotta say it’s the Xbox 360 controller. I have played more games with it on the 360 and the PC than any other controller for any other system. It holds up for shooters, RPGs, platformers, and action games without sacrificing utility or comfort. I really like the Xbox One controller, but I’ve only had one since November. It hasn’t been used enough for me to know if I will like it more in the long run. For now, the Xbox 360 controller is still my champion.


Harry Loizides, Associate Writer:

The N64 controller seems to me to be the first and best controller to be easily used for the newer games of being able to both aim and move (ie: Goldeneye comes to mind right off the bat). I also think that the controller was easy to hold, offered various versatility and was a catalyst for new, current, and future gamers.


Jake Dekker, Associate Writer:

When talking about my favorite controller it is hard to ignore the nostalgia that can come with some of these older gamepads and controllers.  The controllers today are obviously the most comfortable, but all of them feel the same.  There really isn’t anything that unique about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controls in terms of their form.  In this regards I would have to go with the GameCube control.  It’s a weird thing, and it didn’t work too well for first person shooters, but it felt great for games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash.


Ryan Latuso, Associate Writer:

SNES controller. It just worked so well and really started a design that everyone adopted. For a more modern controller I would say the xbox 360 controller. I use it on PC all the time. I have yet to use the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller.


Scott Deisner, Associate Writer:  

Not as many like it as much as I have, but I think the Xbox One controller was another step in the right direction. The Xbox 360 and PS4 controllers were close competitors, but each had their drawbacks.  The Dual Shock 4’s triggers have rough edges that can wear on the fingers after extended use. The Xbox 360 controller has a massive battery pack on the bottom that can make for a cramped space if you have long fingers.  While I don’t own one, the time I’ve spent with the X1’s controller is heaven for my gaming hands.


Tyler Bartlemus, Associate Writer:

I would have to say that the DualShock 4 wins this one for me. I had always been a fan of the Xbox 360 controller ever since it had its release back in the day. However the battery case was most definitely one of it’s major flaws. So when the Playstation 4 was released, and I got my hands on the new controller, I fell in love instantly. The Dualshock 4 feels like the perfect love child between the Xbox 360 controller and Dualshock 3. Really, when it came down to it, the controller was one of the main reasons why I chose the PS4 over the Xbox One for this current-gen.


What is your favorite controller? 




14 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 8/6/14”

  1. I wasn’t here this week to answer, but mine was the Gamecube. While most of my friends say Xbox or PS3, I would have to agree with the Xbox controller more than the PS3. The Playstation controllers have always been too small for my hands (because my thumbs looks grotesque and mutated from nearly 3 decades of gaming).

    The N64 is a great controller, and I even use it on my PC for a lot of games with a special adapter I found online. But, the N64 controllers have a giant flaw, and that is their stick. While it was the 1st analog controller in existance (PLAYSTATION RIPS OFF NINTENDO IN EVERYTHING!) it wasn’t perfect. Mario Party ruined my first 3 controllers, and trying to beat all of Perfect Dark’s modes ruined the rest, as they weren’t completly shatterproof against my wall.
    Now, the Gamecube was my favorite controller because it fit my swollen thumbs perfectly without stress or cramping. Also, my one silver Gamecube controller survived the apocolypse known as F-Zero GX. My controller survived abuses, horrible abuses, that no other controller could match up to. Hell, even the Xbox controllers have a flaw, and that is their battery pack. Them flimsy pieces can’t even stand up to a small toss across the kitchen.


  2. I have to go with the Dual Shock 4, though I am weary of saying this due to all the problems I’ve had with the thumbsticks and such already. Overall though it feels the best of any controller I’ve used and has some cool features. I just hope the new ones I have hold up for a few years, I didn’t have these problems with the Dual Shock 3.


    1. When My thumb sticks started peeling I looked into covers. For me it was mostly the left thumbsticks so all I need was a two pack of black covers. I’ve been using them for so long now I just think the DS4 has a slightly larger left stick lol


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