Quick Time Event – Gamescom Predictions

On the 11th episode of Quick Time Event, the team made their Gamescom 2014 predictions! Most of the predictions were serious, but they snuck in a few funny ones here and there!  Find out what they predicted would happen by listening, or if you want to cheat, go to the bottom of the page and read their predictions!


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Or watch the video version below!

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Here are all of our predictions in list form!


  1. Both Guerilla Games and Media Molecule will show off or tease their new projects
  2. Sony will show off a new UI for PlayStation 4 (even though rumors have been denied)
  3. Rime will get a new trailer that shows off a release date
  4. Extended look – Gameplay trailer for Quantum Break – With exact release date
  5. Xbox One price drop by $50-$100 to finally make it competitive



  1. Half-Life 3: Announced and available for purchase during the conference
  2. BioWare’s new game gets a name and possible gameplay
  3. Plot of next Mass Effect revealed (who we’re fighting and what time period this takes place in)
  4. Battletoads Revival
  5. Monster Hunter announced for current-gen consoles
  6. Next Pokemon title revealed.



  1. Guerilla Games reveals their new RPG IP showing at least a teaser and it’s name.
  2. FFXV will be shown and will finally, after 8 years, have a release date, or at least a darn release window.
  3. Mirror’s Edge 2 will be revealed to have a post apocalyptic theme along with zombies, being renamed Dying Edge…Light.
  4. GTA V will be revealed to have an expansion, that will be released with the PC PS4 and X1 versions.
  5. Nintendo will finally throw in the towel on the Wii U revealing new hardware at Gamescom.
  6. Sunset Overdrive will have it’s co-op gameplay reveal, and all of the minds of the audience will melt.



  1. The Release date for PS Now will be announced
  2. Microsoft will announce little to no new titles but will instead add hype with Halo
  3. Nintendo will release a date for Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  4. At least one AAA game will be announced
  5. The Last Guardian will not be shown

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