PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.0 Announced

Sony plans on taking the PlayStation 4 to the next level with Firmware 2.0, according to the announcement at Sony’s Gamescom Press Conference.

With Firmware 2.0, friends will be easier to find using similar likes and even recommending friends. Also, uploading videos directly to YouTube via the SHARE button will be possible after the update has been made available.

Another feature being added is SharePlay, where two friends who have PlayStation Plus will be able to play the same game without both players actually owning the game. If one person owns it, both can play it. It is the equivalent of passing a controller from person to person. What’s even better is it doesn’t require a local download.

My Opinion:

This is AMAZING! I don’t have too many friends on my friends list (add me @ LittleBigHamm) and this would be great. YouTube videos are also going to be great until they get slapped with copyright issues, that is. SharePlay sounds good, but I am waiting to hear more info about it. In all accounts, it seems Firmware 2.0 will make the PS4 much better.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Associate Editor that studies games to understand how they work. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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