Can’t Get Enough Dragon Age?

A lot of the fans of the Dragon Age series felt that they just couldn’t get enough, or that the game ended too soon. From the sounds of it, BioWare agrees. Apparently completionists are going to be spending a lot more time with the new title than anyone might of guessed.

IGN spoke with Dragon Age: Inquisition’s producer (Cameron Lee) recently and found out more about the play time for BioWare’s next fantasy title. If you’re just rushing headlong through the story, you’ll have about 20-30 hours of gameplay on your plate. However, if you’re a hardcore fan and you’ve gotta see it all, quoting Lee, “A completionist playthrough takes more than 200 hours.”

That’s horribly daunting, made even more so when you come to the realization that 200 hours of play doesn’t promise that you’ll see everything the game has to offer. I’m sure you’ll see a lot, but there are certain decisions and actions that will change where you can venture. Get ready for a long ride, folks.

My Opinion:

This is awesome and terrifying at the same time. I admit, sometimes I try to 100% a game, just for fun. Sometimes on the first playthrough, sometimes on consecutive ones. Judging by my time spent going completionist mode on the Mass Effect series (the whole series), it took me about five days. That (of course) was achieved by playing for unhealthy amounts of time at once. I didn’t see the sun for those few days and I didn’t have school or work on my plate. Now that I’m working and have other obligations, I predict that finishing off Dragon Age: Inquisition might take me upwards of some amount of months, if not a year. That would be going cold turkey on every other game as well, no Destiny, no Mortal Kombat, and no No Man’s Skyand we all know that’s not gonna happen. All of that to say, all the time I’m gonna spend with Inquisition is both exciting and mind-blowing. I dunno how I’m gonna do it, but I will.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors sailing the seven internet seas to find all the news you’re jonesin’ for. Keep up with him over on IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well! Yarr, son!

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