Sony Schedules PSN Maintenance for Next Monday

Sony has released information stating that the PlayStation Network will be shutdown for regularly scheduled maintenance on Monday, August 25th.

The network will be down between 9:40 PDT / 12:40 EDT and 16:50 PDT / 19:50 EDT. During that time, access to the PlayStation Network and Account services will be temporarily offline. However, anyone who has logged into the PlayStation Network before August 20th will still be able to access online play. And yes, that does mean users will still be able to access all their entertainment services as well. So no need to worry about satisfying your Netflix cravings elsewhere.

My Opinion:

I am all for regular maintenance of online services, however like most people I just wish they didn’t interfere with me enjoying said services. Oh well. Just one of the sacrifices we make for progress, I guess.

Tyler Bartlemus is an Associate Writer for MONG and is enthusiastic about anything relating to Science Fiction. You can follow him on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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