Paradox Reveals their Single Player RTS, Ancient Space

Those who enjoy Real Time Strategy games above other genres are a rare breed these days.  The reveal of a single player RTS game is becoming an even rarer occurrence.

Announced yesterday with its debut trailer, Ancient Space is a new IP being developed for PC by Paradox Interactive and seems to only be targeting a single player experience.  That isn’t to say the game can’t (or won’t) feature a multiplayer experience, but to many a single player focused strategy game could have a large draw.

Set in a sort-of exploding stellar storm system, the plot appears to revolve around hunting for lost technology before home worlds are consumed by an expanding threat called the “Black Zone.”  Players will be given control over a space fleet, and from there your guess is as good as mine.

Ancient Space is slated to launch sometime in the fall, according to Polygon.  We will keep you updated as more official details emerge for this title.

My Opinion:

While the game is only stated to be coming to PC, and I would happily buy it for PC, there is part of me that holds some hope that it may swing onto consoles as well.  That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy my computer gameplay, because I do.  Still, consoles have always been rather void of space and strategy games.  With XCOM being a huge success on consoles, I’ve had hopes for more RTS games to come our way, even if it’s single player only.  Though there have been games with space settings, they’ve often been relegated to FPS titles, mostly.  I have my fingers crossed for this one.  Whether it’s PC only or not, Ancient Space looks like it could be fun regardless.

Scott Deisner is an Associate Writer for MONG.  He enjoys story and character driven content above all else, things made from potatoes, and long walks on sandy beaches ;P  You can follow him on Twitter.

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