Destiny is Now Available for Pre-load on PS4

For those of you buying Destiny digitally it is available for pre-load right now.

Pre-loading enables players to download the digital version of the game before its official release date, allowing customers to play the game on release without having to wait. This process benefits gamers drastically, considering the larger download files that are being produced by ‘current generation’ games.

Destiny is scheduled for release on Tuesday, the 9th, so make sure you’ve got your copy pre-loaded in preparation to play. Fancy getting your hands on a free, digital version of Destiny? Enter our competition here!

My Opinion:

Allowing games to be able to pre-load is a fantastic idea on the part of developers and publishers alike. However, I think at this stage console manufacturers are a bit behind the digital age of gaming with Microsoft only recently announcing a 1TB version of the Xbox One and Sony are still yet to release details on a 1TB PlayStation 4 version.

Noah Graham is an Associate Writer for MONG and Editor for IceDJ Gaming based in New Zealand. When he isn’t playing cricket he is playing games about cricket. You can follow him on Twitter.

One thought on “Destiny is Now Available for Pre-load on PS4”

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