Confirmed Date for PS4 Disc Version of Minecraft

Sony has confirmed, through the PlayStation Blog, the release date for a PlayStation 4 retail version of Mojang’s Minecraft.

The hard disk version of Minecraft will be arriving in European stores on the 3rd of October and 4 days later, on the 7th for North America.

The disk edition of Minecraft for PS4 is very much identical to the digital version, enabling the player to transfer their PS3 worlds over to the 36 times larger environment of the PS4. It’s imperative to note that players should download the day one patch to get the “best Minecraft experience on the PS4.”

Sony also gave a small mention about the long awaited PS Vita version, stating that more information will be released in the next few weeks along with specifics on cross-buy details.

However, Sony excluded any mention about the recent acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft.

My Opinion:

I am delighted to hear of this news as I have wanted a reason to upgrade to the PS4 version, now that I can get my hands on a physical copy of Minecraft (as silly as it sounds) I can’t wait. As for the silence on Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, well, no news is good news. Right?

Noah Graham is an Associate Writer for MONG and an Editor for IceDJ Gaming based in New Zealand. When he isn’t playing cricket he is playing games about cricket. You can bathe on his chirpiness on Twitter.

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