John Riccitiello: Unity’s New CEO

John Riccitiello replaced David Helgason last week as CEO of Unity Technologies. Helgason will remain at Unity as the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Communications, according to a blog post.

This shift in management has caused some furor among the gaming community, as Riccitello’s critics have brought up his comments disregarding the Wii U as a current generation console. In response, David Helgason commented:

We’re totally committed to the partnership with Nintendo, and no one wants to change that.

Additionally, many developers, such as Chris Hammond, are concerned that Riccitiello will start “screwing over indiedevs [sic] in some nefarious way.”

Previously, Riccitello held the position of CEO of EA, the corporation voted Worst Company in America two years in a row under his direction.

My Opinion:

As always, I have mixed opinions on the matter. To see my full take, check out my opinion editorial, out soon.

Darwin Leuba is an associate writer at Middle Of Nowhere Gaming. You can follow him on Twitter @darwinleuba as he revels in other awesome exploits.

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