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Riverbond, Shadow-Released And Available Now

Recently shown off at Xbox’s E3 Showcase, Riverbond, is now available for players to try out.

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Destroy All Humans! Remake Announced by THQ Nordic

As part of E3’s lead-up week, THQ Nordic has announced that a Destroy All Humans! remake is in the works for this 2005 cult-classic.

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We Happy Few Review

Pop a Meh-lly

We all sometimes just need an escape from the despair of modern days. Some of us immerse ourselves in virtual reality, others cozy up in an adventurous novel, while some choose to explore an entirely new universe with the aid of a mind-bending elixir. We Happy Few explores the idea of a universal elixir, blinding society from its own destruction and eventual demise. Though the premise presents some engaging moments, most of it is marred by the satisfactory gameplay mechanics, and frustrating technical troubles.  Continue reading We Happy Few Review

Dead Cells Review

One More (Gut Wrenching) Run

Dead Cells is a beautifully crafted action-platformer with classic Metroidvania and modern rogue-lite elements. However, this mouthful of a description just cracks the surface of Motion Twin’s latest game. Continue reading Dead Cells Review

InnerSpace Review



Creating a game is hard. Really hard. But after a successful Kickstarter and over four years of hard work, the independent video game development studio based in Texas, PolyKnight Games, published their first professionally developed game, InnerSpace. As an exploration flying experience, InnerSpace provides some beautiful moments, but suffers from some glaring gameplay troubles.

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