Gary and the Facepunch crew of Garry’s Mod fame, are hard at work updating, their much loved  alpha release Rust.

More specifically they have been hard at work bringing Rust’s experimental server up to par. This week’s big changes include terrain improvements, global (as opposed to local) spawning of trees and forest, and the biggest and best change: combination locks are back ala legacy server!

2014-10-31_00018My Opinion:

These updates are coming fast and furious. The developer is serious about supporting this game, as evidenced by the massive weekly updates. Personally, my friends and I are having a blast playing this half functional game. With Facepunch really listening to and in turn implementing ideas from the community, I have faith that this will be one to look out for. If you don’t mind the odd glitch and can stomach severe unoptimization then I highly suggest picking this alpha stage title up.

Matthew Keates is an Associate Writer for MONG, he spends his time doing stuff that is none of your concern, you may not follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Twitch as you are not worthy.

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