Curve Studios announces new game, White Space

The studio behind the console version of indie hit, The Swapper and the Stealth Inc. series, has officially announced their new title.

The new game is called, White Space. Design Director at Curve Studios, Jonathan Biddle described White Space as a “procedurally generated, sci-fi action game with roguelike elements.” You play as a bounty hunter exploring planets. The surface of each planet is unique and is altered by a combination of different color schemes and variations in weather patterns. The brief glimpses of gameplay, shown in the video below, show minimalistic aerial combat.

It should be noted that the game is in Alpha, and as such, is still coming into its own.

My Opinion:

White Space clearly share many similarities to No Man’s Sky. A game also set in space, that also has procedurally generated worlds. Both are very ambitious games and it will be exciting to see if either of the studios can pull it off. Hopefully both games are mechanically deep to match with their extensive visual aesthetics.

Jason Patrick is one of the new Associate Writers at MONG and he loves his cats, Finn and Thomas. Just saying. You can follow him on Twitter.

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