Suikoden 2 Finally Get A Release Date On The PSN.

PlayStation Experience 2014 was in full effect when midway through the show, Sony announced that the classic JRPG Suikoden 2

is making its way to the PlayStation Network on Dec 9th.

The game will be released next week on the PSN.  The first Suikoden is available now on the PSN and both titles will be available on the PlayStation Vita.


Suikoden II takes place years after the events of the original Suikoden, and centers around an invasion of the City States of Jowston, which is being carried out by the Kingdom of Highland.  It is considered to be one of the best RPGs on the market and has made IGN’s Top 10 RPG Storylines of all time.

Check out our timetable to keep up with the PlayStation Experience this weekend.

My Opinion:

Yes! I have been waiting for this to happen!  I have been a Suikoden fan since day one many, many years ago. This series has always been held dear to my heart and I cannot wait to dive back into this world over the holiday break. Thank you, Sony.

Patrick Garrity an Associate Writer for MONG and a Jersey native who loves video games and enjoys the industry.  He loves rum and wants to be a pirate one day. Follow him on Twitter.

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