Street Fighter V Exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC

In a major announcement at PSX, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC.  Capcom is working with Sony to build the game specifically with the PS4 hardware in mind.  Sony was clear to establish the fact that Street Fighter fans who want to play on a console will only be able to experience the newest entry in the series on the PS4.  Adam Boyes from Sony stated, “PS4 will be the only console the game ever appears on.”  Meaning it won’t be a timed exclusive that could wind up on the Xbox One at a later date.

Also announced was that Street Fighter V would support cross-platform play, allowing PS4 and PC gamers to compete against each other.  For the first glimpse at the game in action, watch the gameplayer trailer below as Ryu and Chun Li square off.



My Opinion:  

For me, this was the biggest news to come out of PSX.  This is a major scoop for Sony to nab the exclusive console rights to the most iconic fighting game series in Street Fighter.  I also liked the fact they clearly stated it would stay exclusively on the PS4, unlike how Microsoft handled the exclusivity details of Rise of the Tomb Raider.  The addition of cross-platform play is a welcome feature as well. 

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