Lords of the Fallen 2 Development Confirmed

Fans of the recently released Dark Souls-esque title, Lords of the Fallen, will be overjoyed to hear that the series’ continuation has been confirmed.

Yesterday, Executive Producer at CI Games Tomasz Gop took to Facebook to make the announcement.

“”Możemy potwierdzić, że prace koncepcyjne nad Lords of the Fallen 2 trwają”.

If Lords of the Fallen 2 was the only bit of information you could pick out of that quote, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Thanks to the nifty built in translators of modern technology we can tell that Gop had this to say:

“We can confirm that the conceptual work of the Lords of the Fallen 2 underway.”

That is likely a rough translation, but you get the idea. Lords of the Fallen released just a month and a half ago and came out to moderate success. Hopefully the next entry in the series continues that trend, or improves it.

At this early point in the title’s creation there have been no release date or platforms announced.

My Opinion:

Cool. I wasn’t really hyped for the first, and I’m not hyped for this second entry. When Lords of the Fallen was first announced and CI was showing off gameplay it just seemed TOO much like Dark Souls. If anything it was just a clone that was a bit easier in my eyes, though I’ve seen many disagree with that sentiment. Regardless, Bloodborne is coming and my eyes are far more set on that than Lords of the Fallen 2.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and has recently been planning to move across the country. By “planning” he means that he has no idea how to do this and is hoping it all kinda falls into place. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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