Wii Lawsuit Results in Nintendo Wiiiiiin

After years in legal limbo, a patent infringement case against the Nintendo Company will not progress any further. 

A Seattle federal court ruling came from a case that was brought before the court by UltimatePointer LLC against the Nintendo Company which was decided in Nintendo’s favor.

UltimatePointer LLC claimed that two patents owned by them were infringed upon by Nintendo’s Wii system, specifically the controllers. In 2010, UltimatePointer’s patent for its “Easily Deployable Interactive Direct-Pointing System and Presentation Control System and Calibration Method” was approved, even though the application was submitted in 2005, prior to Nintendo’s launch of the Wii.

The judge for this matter, Judge Robert S. Lasnik, found the claims made by UltimatePointer to be invalid and determined that no trial was needed for the case.

My Opinion:

I’m happy to see a resolution that favored Nintendo and that they would fight so vigorously for their patents and property. Hopefully issues like this don’t arise anytime soon.

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