Celebrate the New Year with the January PlayStation Plus Games

PlayStation Plus begins with a fairly strong start to 2015 with the release of their free January titles headlined by Infamous: First Light for PlayStation 4.

First Light is a standalone prequel to Infamous: Second Son that focuses on MONG’s nominee for Best Female Character of the year, Abigail Walker, also known as Fetch. Players use her neon powers to take down enemies and conquer challenge stages.

The second PlayStation 4 game is the creepy puzzler The Swapper. The Swapper takes place in a dystopian future where humanity has squandered all resources. Manipulate the game’s cloning mechanic to solve the puzzles and help the earth. Celebrate the New Year with the January PlayStation Plus Game

PlayStation 3 users can enjoy Prototype 2, a third-person open world action game with a revenge slant. Destroy the Blackgate Virus that ravaged the original Prototype world.

The much beloved DuckTales Remastered also dives into the PS Plus lineup. Originally on the NES and Famicom, this side-scrolling platformer has all new art and graphics but still retains the classic feel and gameplay.

PlayStation Vita players will be able to enjoy Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. This classic, yet abrasive first-person shooter, features the original game along with three expansion packs. Lastly, continue to relive your arcade glory days on the Vita with the retro-inspired Woah Dave!

The Swapper is likely available on all three platforms for free, Duke Nukem is also out on PS3, and Woah Dave! will be cross-buy when it is released later in 2015.

My Opinion:

It’s a fairly solid start for PlayStation Plus in 2015. We at MONG love The Swapper and it’s pretty exciting that every console owner will have a chance to play it. Revisiting the Infamous world is a compelling prospect for me.  The darkhorse I am looking forward to is Woah Dave! because the Vita is a perfect place for arcade-inspired titles. It could be a future addiction. What do you think about this month? Which games are you looking forward to the most?

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who has the DuckTales theme song stuck in his head.

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