Journey on PS4 is “Not Far Off”

Journey was outed as coming to PlayStation 4 back in July 2014, and it looks like it’s now not far off. 

Tricky Pixels is working on the port, but original developer thatgamecompany commented on its release via Twitter, in a reply to a fan. There is no release date yet, but at least we know it’s getting closer.

In other news from thatgamecompany’s Twitter, they think it would be awesome if a PS Vita version of Journey was created. There has been nothing announced from Sony at this point though; we only know of the upcoming PS4 port.

Do you plan to pick up Journey on PS4, and would you want it to come to the Vita? Let us know in the comments below!

My Opinion:

This sounds great to me! I played Journey in one sitting back when it was released on PS3, but haven’t gone back to it since. I look forward to playing a prettier version of a game that was one of the most unique and magical experiences of last generation.

Ryan Amirault is an Associate Writer for MONG and loves how unique thatgamecompany’s games are. He looks forward to their next project. Follow him on Twitter.

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