New Screenshots and Classes for Bravely Second

Famitsu recently showcased several new job classes for Bravely Second as well as several beautiful screenshots. Check out all the news here:

The company revealed new job classes including Pâtissier, Cat Tamer, Astrologer and Tomahawk.

Below is some preliminary information of each new class:

  • Pâtissier – Support class capable of inflicting poison, paralyze, silence, as well as lowering enemy stats
  • Cat Tamer – Can learn enemy techniques
  • Astrologer – Capable of using auxiliary magic
  • Tomahawk – Offensive class that specializes in gun use

Check out all the screens shots of these classes below:

My Opinion:
Though I still haven’t played Bravely Default, a lot of people loved the game and are excited for the sequel. New classes are always a good way to alter gameplay but keep the world as enjoyable as the first.

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