The Geekend Update: 3/6/15

Weekends are meant strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend!

Courtney Osborn, Editor in Chief:

I wish Lou good luck in catching up with me! (See below)  But I will be playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Helldivers, and other random games all weekend.  Maybe I’ll finally play some Steam games now that I can?! Either way, I’ll be streaming a lot this weekend so check out our MONG Twitch Channel!


Lou Contaldi, Executive Editor:

I was planning on getting through Valiant Hearts this weekend, but being snowed in through Thursday really killed that. Either way, I’m sure I will be playing through this week’s PlayStation Plus titles in my continuous hunt to beat Courtney’s trophy count.


Brian Hoerst, Associate Editor:

I will again probably get dominated by Jason and/or Ryan in NHL 15 on our Sunday morning Twitch stream. This weekend we’re dropping the puck around 10:30 a.m. ET (don’t forget the clocks spring forward Sunday early morning!). Aside from that, this weekend is a mystery for me.


Jesse Webster, Senior Writer:

Started on Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. I am further than I have ever been, and playing a little along. Four hours in and I have not died yet, so I got that going for me.


Lucy Pallent, Senior Writer:

My brother gave me Fire Emblem: Awakening for a late birthday present. Bye!


Adam Leonard, Associate Writer:

Playing Assassin’s Creed Unity finally. It’s a lot better than I was expecting!


Riley Berry, Associate Writer:

I have been working my way through Max Payne trilogy and now I am on Max Payne 3. I have only played a few hours of it, but I believe I can confidently say it is my least favorite. Still, the games are short so I will see it through to the end.


Ryan Amirault, Associate Writer:

This weekend is probably another one that’ll see me play a mixture of games. I have some stuff to do in Destiny, and will be of course going for some high scores in Resogun. I am sure I’ll play some other games, but it’s hard to say what as I have a lot on the go. Have a superb weekend everyone, MONG!

What games are you playing this weekend?


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