Wil Wheaton Voicing Abe Lincoln in Code Name: STEAM

Ever wondered what Abraham Lincoln’s voice sounded like? Wonder no more. Nintendo is here to answer that question.

In Intelligent Systems’ freshly-released Nintendo 3DS game Code Name: STEAM, the 16th President of the United States is voiced by none other than Wil Wheaton. The news was revealed in a tweet from Nintendo of America a few days ago:

Wil Wheaton is a big name in gaming and sci-fi culture, lending his talents to television shows like The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek: The Next Generation and the 1986 movie Stand by Me. That is good news for the game, considering it is a new Nintendo IP.

Code Name: STEAM released yesterday in North America. It attempts to blend strategy and third-person action to create an interesting gameplay hook. If that isn’t enough, maybe the fact that Abraham Lincoln has set up a task force to eliminate alien invaders will reel you in. Be on the lookout for our review soon!

My Opinion:

Cool beans, I suppose. Now I’m gonna go watch Stand by Me. Thanks, Nintendo, for reminding me about this movie, even if you did so inadvertently.

Matt Middleton is an associate writer for MONG. He is also a lover of Mexican cuisine, How I Met Your Mother, and fun video games. Follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of song lyrics, pictures, and thoughts about the aforementioned food and video games.

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