Kratos Jumps Over To The PS4 With God of War III: Remastered

God of War III was one of the most visually impressive games released on the PlayStation 3.  Now it is set to look even more stunning with the announcement of God of War III: RemasteredOn July 14th the game makes the jump over to the PlayStation 4 with 1080p graphics, 60 frames per second, and a new photo mode to capture Kratos in all his ass-kicking rage.  When he arrives on the PS4, it will have been over a decade since he made his debut.

Watch how Kratos has evolved over the years in the trailer below.



My Opinion:  

Can’t say I’m surprised with the news, as it seems like every game receives the remastered treatment nowadays.  As someone who isn’t a massive fan of the God of War series, this doesn’t excite me.  I am much more interested in finding out what new title Santa Monica Studio is working on for the PS4.  Still, this remaster, like any other, gives gamers access to something they could have missed out on or enhances something they enjoyed in the past. 

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