The Geekend Update: 3/28/15

Weekends are meant strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend!

Courtney Osborn, Editor in Chief:

When I am not doing homework this weekend, I plan to catch up on more of my backlog.  I’ll be playing Ori and the Blind Forest, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Game of Thrones Episode 3, and Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2!  I’ll more than likely be streaming some of those too, so be sure and check out our channel!


Myles Farrington, Senior Editor:

Well, I definitely won’t be playing Bloodborne. Which is horrible for my wallet since I already bought it, but great for my sanity. I’ll be spending my weekend cooking out, with friends and maybe playing Helldivers or something.


Jesse Webster, Senior Writer:

Bloodborne. I’m loving this game. There is nothing in else in gaming that gives me the same exhilaration of beating a boss or getting past a difficult part. I’ll be playing Bloodborne for a while.


Benjamin Luthi, Associate Writer:

This weekend will feature a nice mix of old and new, going back and forth between Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Perfect Dark, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Mario Golf for Game Boy Color. And naturally, I’ll be keeping an eye on the March Madness games. I need to win my $10 back.


Patrick Garrity, Associate Writer:  

Lets see there is Bloodborne!  The hype is real.  Also I’m going to be glued to my PC playing Pillars of Eternity for review.  I’ve read this is a very long game and I’m excited to playing a game like this again.   I grew up with games like this Baulders Gate and Icewind Dale.  I’d like to start Ori and the Blind Forrest…. ARGH!!! Too Many Games To Play!!!!.  Have a great weekend and check out MONGplays on Twitch.


Riley Berry, Associate Writer:

Bloodborne. Oh, and Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, which I am reviewing…but mainly Bloodborne.


Ryan Amirault, Associate Writer:

Howdy folks and happy weekend! My goals over the two days will be to play some Far Cry 4 in attempts to beat it and get the platinum trophy. I have a lot of other games on the go as well that I’ll dabble in, including more Jamestown+, Resogun, and Destiny. My NHL15 tournament is in the playoffs now so I may have a few games to play in that, am hoping I can win to bring home a nice $20 PSN card. Be well and enjoy everyone…MONG!

What games are you playing this weekend?

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