Axiom Verge Speedrun on the Verge of Being Insane

Speedrun gamer Synophis posted a speed run of the new metroidvania game Axiom Verge.

The run, which was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, clocked in at a remarkable 46:18, which was an improvement of 2.5 minutes over his last run posted just days before.

Axiom Verge was designed with the speedrunner in mind, sporting a speedrun mode that removes randomly generated elements from the game, creating a consistent game environment that speedrunners can compete in. You can watch the run below.

Axiom Verge is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

My opinion:

I always find speedruns both impressive, and fascinating. The dedication and attention to detail that these gamers put into what they do is intimidating. It makes me wish I had the focus to do something like that. Also Axiom Verge looks amazing, I can’t wait to find a gap in my gaming calendar to engage the nostalgia trip this game so obviously contains.

Adam Leonard is an Associate Writer for MONG. He is a contributor for Creepy Kingdom. You can follow him on Twitter.

One thought on “Axiom Verge Speedrun on the Verge of Being Insane”

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