New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Has Mega Metroidy Goodness

Capcom has released a new batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and there are a number of delightful goodies up for grabs.

This month’s DLC features armor, weapons, and outfits from Metroid, Mega Man, and Street Fighter. The video below shows what needs to be done to unlock the items.

To access the quests, simply go to the DLC option on the main menu or talk to the housekeeper.

My Opinion:

These are awesome items! The quests required for these can be super tough, but if you‘ve got some friends to quest with, you could find yourself the proud new owner of a Varia Suit.

Benjamin Luthi is an Associate Writer for MONG who enjoys a challenge so much, he’s trying to obtain every amiibo at regular price.. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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