5 Bloodborne Bosses That Make Us Beg for Co-Op

Bloodborne‘s bosses are the most empowering and demoralizing experiences for current-generation gamers to bang their noggins against. Each monstrosity is daunting, to say the least, but not all of them are created equal.Some might brag about defeating the The Witch of Hemwick or Cleric Beast on their first attempt, but there are also the other baddies that can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility.

Luckily, not all is lost for those who have run out of Blood Vials trying to vanquish their newest behemoth (optional or mandatory). From Software was kind enough to include a cooperative multiplayer aspect to their newest trial for hardcore gamers. Although the prospect of waiting just outside a boss arena for another Hunter may sometimes seem to be an equally arduous task (Bloodborne‘s matchmaking could easily take the #1 spot for most difficult quest), below is a list of the top five Bloodborne bosses that will make you beg for a Blood-buddy.



Father Gascoigne


For some Hunters, Father Gascoigne is the first boss encounter of the game. For those who don’t know the ins-and-outs of the battle or haven’t discovered the possibly boss-debilitating Hunter items that can help make short work of him, this guy can be a mother… Phases one and two of this boss are easily attainable, side-stepping and swiping as you’ve learned the basic combat mechanics by this point. It’s when he’s gone to phase three most players turn tail and lead this beastie on an evening jaunt through the graveyard. But don’t turn around or you’re likely to be thrown straight through those gravestones you thought might offer protection.

It’s a cruel taunt to be given the Beckoning Bell this early in the game when Insight is in such short supply. Go ahead and pray outside that arena a little longer. No one is coming to help you. You can at least be sure everyone else could have used the help too.


Vicar Amelia


This boss might be a point of contention for some readers, but for this writer, she was nothing short of a bitch (because she’s a dog?). Vicar Amelia is another boss that can be encountered early in the game, though many Hunters might not be quite levelled or skilled enough to give her a go when she’s unlocked. As many Bloodborne enthusiasts will agree, that’s a challenge, not a limitation.

This boss swipes with both hands, lunges towards characters, and has a grab move that is just devastating (aren’t they all?). All the while, she screams a haunting terror that I can still hear as I write this. In case that wasn’t enough, she’ll move halfway around the arena to heal herself when she gets too low. Sure, some Numbing Mist will help the situation by interrupting her spell, but don’t use it all in one fight or you’re likely to have none left the second dozen times you go bulldozing through those chapel zealots on the stairs. Get a buddy and some Fire Paper for good measure.


Shadow of Yarnham


There are three enemies here. What do you think that means? It’s true that each boss in this battle moves at a different speed, making it conceivable to conduct a conga line of combat, focusing on only the fastest of the trio with the other two in tow. However, that tactic doesn’t neuter any one of them, especially the mage who’s liable to send balls of flame in your general direction while you handle the fastest sword-bearer. Then, there’s the caveat that once any one of them reaches 25% health, snakes emerge from their chests, completely altering their movesets. Let’s then suppose you whittle the team down to one. Don’t expect the fight to let-up or the summoned, giant three-headed snake will get an easy meal.

Fortunately, most attempts to summon fellow Hunters in this area is not a tragic bout of waiting around for 20 minutes only to say, “fuck it!” and running in for another waste of Blood Vials. One other Hunter is fine, but turning this fight into three 1v1’s makes it cake.


The One Reborn


Much like Shadow of Yarnham, The One Reborn is a numbers game, only with a little more of a tactic twist. As you make your way towards one of this boss’ three heads (I count that amalgamation of limbs in the center as a head, so sue me), fire is raining down on you from both sides of the arena. Summoning help is useful even if only for the knowledge that those enemies in the scaffolding can be accessed and slaughtered with minimal danger to a player character, but once that’s done, it doesn’t mean The One Reborn is a chump.

This boss will flail around, kick at you from one of its many body parts, and when you think you’re safe, it will teleport its projectile bile of rejected human bits just overhead. It’s disgusting. It’s humiliating. It’s effective. But if you have other players swinging alongside you, hacking away at whatever end you’ve decided most resembles the butt, it’s possible to quickly stun-lock this creature from the moon’s womb (I apologize for how strange that sounds, but it makes sense, right?) and end the fight within seconds.


Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos


Here we are at number one, and who would have guessed it? Well, if you’ve played the game, you probably could have. Ebrietas is one of the most frightening and galling foes in the game, but she’s also the most recognizable adaptations from the Lovecraftian mythos. In line with her Cthulu brethren, she is an indomitable force. Is it any wonder why she’s also optional? But you’ve resolved yourself to Platinuming Bloodborne, so here it goes:

Really, unless you plan on cheesing your way through Ebrietas by trapping her behind the fallen column just to the right of the arena’s entrance, then she’s probably going to quickly crush you. Some strategies suggest finding your way between her back tentacles or triggering a series of Visceral Attacks. Bolt also seems to be an effective element against her. Still, all of these pale in comparison to having a capable companion beside you for this battle… especially when she goes berserk at around 40% health. Yikes!

In short, this is all just my opinion. Bloodborne is a game where everyone’s experiences vary wildly because of how they approach each instance. Did you go right or left when you departed from the Cathedral Ward? Did you even know that there were side-quests? What specializations did you put onto your character? What did you spend your Blood Rock on? There are those who are purists, deciding to never ask for help on a boss or any part of a Souls game. For the rest of us, it’s enough just to get through the damned thing (screw pride!). After all, if Bloodborne has taught us anything, it’s that ‘A Hunter is never alone.’

Let us know what bosses finally had you ringing that bell. Are there any that you go back to in order to assist newbies? What is that boss that you refuse to beat again? Share with the rest of us in the comments.

Jordan Loeffler is Editor in Chief for MONG. He’s so close to Platinum, he can almost taste it. You can ask him what Platinum tastes like on IGN and on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “5 Bloodborne Bosses That Make Us Beg for Co-Op”

  1. To be honest, I was rather surprised that the Blood-starved Beast wasn’t on this list at all.

    Co-op definitely was a great function in Bloodborne. It’s definitely both fun to fight with or against others yet a bit frustrating with how getting a summon can be, or getting a summon at NOT the right time, in some cases. (Stupid bell women.)


    1. Blood-Starved Beast was certainly a vexing boss. The speed combined with the poison effect combined with that awful one-hit grab move. Yeah, I get where he could have been added to this list.


  2. This is the biggest gripe I have! I consider Bloodborne to be the best co-op game I’ve ever played, except that summoning players for co-op is convoluted and broken. Makes it all the more frustrating that its so good. I won’t get Dark Souls III til I hear that this has been satisfactorily addressed. I’m baffled that From Software is not able to get this right. That small fix would make this the best multiplayer game of all time IMO. As it stands now, its a frustrating broken mess. Could it be intentional on their part to increase the frustration factor even more. Like having to go back to the dream, no save points before boss fights (which would make it SO much better), not refreshing materials (except for blood vials and bullets) when you re-awaken, and rarity of blood stones? (I would love to max all my weapons with a couple playthroughs but this is not allowed as is.) Most of these seem like obvious way to make this really good game exceptional. Unnecessarily frustrating game on so many levels…


    1. I think the difficulty with summoning is a purposeful move. I’ll be the first to admit that the game gets easier when you summon another player. It’s possible that these measures have been put in place to avoid that a bit.

      The difficulty with getting co-op going in the Chalice dungeons is just ridiculous, though. That should have been a pure multiplayer experience with invasions and cooperators galore.


  3. Saw your post on thevideogamenetwork (VGN), great article. Shadow of Yarnham is my pick, I had to call for help because it was nearly impossible by myself.


    1. I love that co-op is an option not only because it makes the game a little more tolerable, but also because it makes it more fun. I’m a very social gamer. I like playing with friends and strangers. Though it’s limited, the co-op system in Bloodborne turns a frantic, independent struggle (with its own merits, to be sure) into an even more enjoyable experience when you can bathe in glory with someone else.


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