ZombiU No Longer Wii U Exclusive

When the Wii U launched in 2012, Ubisoft released ZombiU, a survival horror game that used the gamepad for extra tension. Now, it is coming to other consoles as Zombi.

ZombiU was actually a reboot/remake of Ubisoft’s first published video game, Zombi; it was released in 1986 and shared mechanics with ZombiU, the biggest one being when a player character dies a new character is selected, and the old one returns as a zombie.

Now, in 2015, ZombiU, is being modified into a PC, Xbox One, and PS4 game. Obviously, none of these consoles have a separate screen like the Wii U, so the game is being retooled. ZombiU’s HUD was displayed on the gamepad, whereas it is now displayed on screen, although producer Hélène Henry says that it maintains a “minimal” presence. Similarly, instead of using the gamepad as the inventory, Zombi will make the inventory screen appear over the game without pausing, much like the Souls games.

Zombi is expected to launch on August 18th of this year.

My Opinion:

Huh, this is unexpected.

Riley Berry is an Associate Writer for MONG, who is still in a state of surprise and confusion. You can follow him on Twitter.


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