Harran Hellriders: Vehicles Coming to Dying Light

Get ready to run down hordes of undead or flee swarms of virals at night, this time in style.

Dying Light has received numerous updates and DLC since its launch, including the impossibly difficult Bozak Horde DLC, and will now add a driving mechanic to the game. More information on this new feature, and many more, will be announced at Gamescom.

My Opinion:

I just recently bought Dying Light and have been loving it. I’ve yet to try the infamous Bozak Horde DLC, however, I’m rather excited to try it. It is good to see Techland‘s concern about the people who play their game. So long as they don’t add a racing mechanic as hard as some of their running challenges. That stuff is more nerve wracking than nighttime runs.

Lukas Anderson is an Associate Writer at MONG. He can be tracked down on Tumblr and Facebook.

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