PlayStation 4 Has A Major Update Now Available

In the early hours of September 30th, Sony has released a new System Software Update 3.00 for the PlayStation 4. 3.00, Codename: Kenshin, will have a host of new features.

  • Sharing Video Clips To Twitter: When you are ready to upload a video clip, a new option will be ablivable to allow you to post a ten second clip on Twitter.
  • PlayStation Plus: There is a new dedicated section for PlayStation Plus. This will make navigating through PlayStation Plus easier.
  • YouTube Live: When you are ready to broadcast a game, you’ll have the option to use YouTube along with Twitch and and UStream.

PlayStation YouTube

  • PNG Image: When you take a screenshot, you no longer have to use JPEGs, you can switch to the higher quality PNG. To use PNG, press Share > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings >Image Format.
  • Events: There will be a new hub for events. This will give you an overview of any games you have that might be having official events. This can range from official broadcasts to multiplayer events, like the ones you can find in games like Project Cars or Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Improvements to Messages and Favorite Groups:  Chatting with friends is easier now and you can put them in groups based on the games they play. You can even message all of your friends in one message.

PlayStation Stickers

  • Communities: You can create a community of like minded players based on the games you are interested in. You can have a message board, screenshot gallery and even the ability to join in parties/games.

My Opinion:

While I won’t use a lot of these features, I will try out the YouTube Broadcast to see what it’s like. I’m either going to use it for the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection demo or Super Meat Boy. That seems to be the biggest feature of this new update.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is just waiting for 2 games in one week.

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