Hands-On Impressions of LEGO Nexus Knights

On the heels of LEGO Dimensions and the upcoming release of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers in January, it seems like the LEGO franchise can do no wrong. Sprinkle in their successes with the LEGO Ninjago and Legends of Chima games, play sets, and shows, one would think that they have pushed their will over all forms of entertainment. But what could blend the ideas of LEGO Dimensions and the successes of the their newest series? LEGO Nexus Knights attempts to do just this.

Available on iPad, LEGO Nexus Knights follows various knights in a fight against the darkness. The storyline is almost forgettable- unfortunately just like other LEGO original series. But, that’s not the crutch of this game.

What seems extremely fascinating is that there is a toy-to-life aspect of this game, minus the toy. Instead, there are various knight crests that players can scan through numerous venues: some will be through the animated show, others through the play sets and others still through limited-time events. The great thing about these crests is that each one has a different ability that you can bring into battle- up to three per battle. Some, for example, cause extra electric damage or another covers a wide area full of fire damage. The representative at the booth mentioned that there are over 90 different crests that will be rolled out.

With this deep pool of powerful attacks, I was excited to try some of them out. Unfortunately, the gameplay is not too exciting – essentially a button (or screen) mashing game with nice animations. The special attacks that you can use are fun, but ultimately left me feeling underwhelmed.


The big draw with this though is the collecting aspect. Anyone who goes down the rabbit hole of collecting almost immediately becomes a completionist (thanks amiibo). So with this, I can absolutely see players wanting to collect all the crests just for the sheer fact that they can.


For the main demographic (children) this can be another smash hit. Playing as a character from the show, building castles from the game, or even collecting the crests from the franchise can captivate anyone’s attention.

All items, the game, show, and play sets, are set for release in December 2015/Q1 2016. When all’s said and done, I’m still intrigued by the triple-attack from this series. Whether or not any or all parts of it will be a success has yet to be seen

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