Psychonauts 2 Hits Its Funding Goal

In the Video Game Awards last month, Double Fine surprised everyone with an announcement of a Psychonauts 2 crowdfund campaign. They were asking for $3.3 million to make Psychonauts 2 a reality. 

Earlier today ,with 5 days to go, Double Fine has fully funded Psychonauts 2 and will now officially be arriving. According to the Fig Campaign page, it’ll be around Fall 2018 before we see it released. Considering that we’ve been waiting ten years for a sequel, a few more years wouldn’t hurt. Psychonauts 2 is expected to be on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

My Opinion:

I’ve been wanting a Psychonauts sequel for years and it’s finally coming. While it’s far too soon to see some gameplay, I hope that we’ll see at least a prototype by the end of the year. I’ve waiting ten years for this and I can stand waiting a few more years.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is unsure of what to do.

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