Capcom has plenty of AAA properties in their back pocket, just waiting to be thrown on the table and given a second look. Now that Monster Hunter Online launched overseas, the game’s producer, Mr. Tao, may have his eyes on another prize.

In a recent interview, Mr. Tao, the producer of Monster Hunter Online, recently spoke of a likely partnership between developer Tencent and Capcom. Following a seven year development cycle with great results, it seems Capcom is looking into online-focused entries for some of their iconic franchises.

“We are aiming at other famous IP now. After the launch of MHO, many Japanese game companies are willing to work with us to have secondary development on their IP, especially Capcom,” spoke Mr. Tao. He goes on to say how hopeful he is to start on a new project soon, and specifically mentions Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, and Sengoku Basara as possibilities.

My Opinion:

This could be exciting for multiple reasons. A Resident Evil MMO set in Raccoon City during the outbreak? GIMME NOW! Even more than that, Dino Crisis is a series screaming for a comeback in a time when horror games and dinosaurs are prominent in pop culture again. An online game isn’t ideal, but can someone please dust off that property?

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer at MONG, and is still banging a drum to get Monster Hunter Online and Dragon’s Dogma Online released in the West. You can inform him of more useful methods on Twitter.

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