Horror games are still in the midst of a resurgence, and another promising example is headed to Steam Early Access in the near future.

Indie studio Team Gotham’s dark, atmospheric game called The Guest will be available on Steam Early Access starting on March 10th. For a mere $9.99, players will be placed in the wingtips of Dr. Leonov who, despite the rather sinister name, is an innocent man who checks into the Oakwood Hotel for a few days. When he realizes he has been locked in his room, he finds himself tasked with overcoming unforeseen obstacles and solving puzzles to escape his terrifying predicament.

Will you give it a shot? Sound off in the comments!

My Opinion

Look, I’m a horror guy, and this game definitely seems to have the creepy sort of slant I look for. If you think for a second that I’m not intrigued by this premise, you don’t know me very well! Probably because we’re total strangers with only the internet in common. Still, I think I’ll be checking this one out…  

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer for MONG and can hardly find his way out of his own house, let alone a strange hotel. When he isn’t bumping into a dented wall repeatedly like a demented Roomba, you can find him on Twitter.

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