Flashback Arcade – Episode 2 | Final Fantasy VII

On the second episode of the Flashback Arcade, Middle of Nowhere Gaming Associate Editor Esteban Cuevas (@colorwind), Associate Writer Charlie Savidge (@cnsavidge), and Executive Editor Shawn Richards (@littlebighamm) delve into the RPG classic Final Fantasy VII. We discuss the story, characters, and gameplay as well as the themes the game touches on. There are mild spoilers about the game in the podcast but two major spoilers will have warnings and are noted below as well. Then, Charlie makes his case for why all of the first generation of Pokémon games should be inducted in the Flashback Essentials.

Spoilers @ 16:24-17:10 and 18:14-20:37. Flashback Essentials begins @ 31:56.

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

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