PS + You and Me Broforce Highlights

Did you miss the second episode of PS + You and Me? Don’t worry, we have all of the highlights for you in one convenient place. That’s right here.
PS + You and Me is a new Twitch show where select members of the Middle of Nowhere Gaming staff play a recent multiplayer-centric PlayStation Plus release for your amusement. This month, played Broforce.

Check out how terrible this game is and how awful Adam, Jordan, Chris, and Riley are at playing it.

You can watch us play live and enter our giveaways to win free PlayStation Plus every month on

In the beginning, the Broforce’s biggest enemy wasn’t even themselves. It was some serious lag.

Definitely going with the lag as their excuse for why this section took so long, the Broforce meets triumph… eventually.

Buzzsaws and platforming…

The Broforce finds an alternative route to complete the mission, then wonders “Why is everyone so sleepy?”

What will the Broforce do in the face of the largest xenomorph imaginable? They’ll probably combine the incredible powers of Eleanor Ripley and Broforce’s lag.

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