Three CW Shows That Would Make For Great Games

Of all the major broadcast networks, The CW is the most geek friendly.  It’s not only due to the fact the network mostly appeals to a younger demographic, but it also has become the television home for many comic book and supernatural properties.  Many of those properties would be well suited to make the leap over to the video game world.  Here are my three picks from their current crop of shows to do so.


Currently in its 4th season, Arrow was the show that kicked off the birth of DC comic books taking over the network.  A success right out of the gate for The CW, Arrow paved the way for other DC shows like The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to land a spot on the schedule.  Of the three major DC superhero shows, I think Arrow would be the easiest to translate over to gaming. The CW’s adaptation of the Green Arrow character has often drawn comparisons to Batman. Oliver Queen does share a number of traits with Bruce Wayne and I could see a developer like Rocksteady bringing the Green Arrow to life.  One of the main reasons I chose him is his choice of weapon, the bow and arrow.  The mechanics of the weapon works great in games.  Using it in games like Tomb Raider or The Legend of Zelda is so much fun , with a well placed arrow to the head being deeply rewarding.

The Green Arrow has a variety of trick arrows, which would add variety to gameplay, from exploding arrows to the infamous boxing glove arrow.  Much like Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen is no slouch in hand to hand combat and has a cool vehicle of his own, a motorcycle, which he rides on the show.  He has a supporting cast of characters, which could offer some tag-team combo action from the Black Canary and Arsenal, to Speedy and Diggle.  The Green Arrow also has a solid rogues gallery of villains to act as foils in a video game.  One of the major components on the show is the time Oliver spent stranded on an island.  The island setting would be a perfect backdrop for training or tutorials in the game.  If done right, I think a Green Arrow video game could be right on target.

The 100

One of the best things about The 100 are the difficult choices and impossible situations the characters find themselves in each week.  The post apocalyptic series is rooted in survival, with the characters doing whatever it takes to stay alive and protect the people they care for.  So when it comes to decision making in games, who better to tackle the project than Telltale Games?  Ever since they exploded in notoriety with The Walking Dead games, the developer has shown a willingness to create existing properties from Game of Thrones to Borderlands.  Plot development on The 100 moves at a rapid pace and character alliances can shift depending on any given situation, both making for good elements in a game.

Imagine having to choose whether or not to sacrifice your close friend in order to prevent a war.  Or whether or not to torture a captured enemy to possibly gain valuable intel.  The series features a multitude of complex characters that have evolved during the series run.  With each difficult choice made leaving a lasting impact on the characters, as well as the people depending on them for survival, a game inspired by those elements has the chance to deliver many emotional moments.  With much of the cast being comprised of young teenagers, the decision of who will live or die becomes even more heartbreaking.


Much like Arrow, iZombie shares a comic book origin and has become one of my favorite shows on the network.  At the heart of the show is Olivia Moore, whose life is transformed after being scratched by a zombie.  Now in order to stay functional as a human being she has to eat brains, but eating brains does more than satisfy her appetite.  Liv adapts the personality of whomever brains she has consumed and gains any knowledge they had in life.  Not only has it led to a great acting performance by iZombie star Rose McIver, but would make for a great video game mechanic.  Eat the brains of a dead karate instructor and gain kick-ass fighting abilities.  Eat the brains of a deceased scientist and gain valuable knowledge to solve a critical puzzle.

In the show Liz works in a morgue, which provides a steady supply of brains and uses her abilities for good by working with a homicide detective to solve crimes.  Not only does eating brains lead to a new personality, but also gives Liv visions into the life of the deceased.  This mechanic would work well in a video game, with the player interacting with the environment or key characters, triggering these visions to solve cases. Telltale could also be an ideal developer, but I could see another developer like Dontnod, who crafted a dynamic adventure with Life is Strange tackling the project.

Darius Purse is a Senior Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.



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