Bandai Namco Announces a Bunch of Release Dates

Remember when Bandai Namco announced several games were getting localized? Well, Bandai Namco has a follow-up; all of those games, plus one other, now have release dates.

First up is God Eater: Resurrection, a remake of the original game for PSP. It is a Monster Hunter style game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is hitting PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on June 28th. A PC version will follow on August 30th

Additionally, the sequel, God Eater 2: Rage Burst will release simultaneously on PS4, Vita, and PC on August 30th. The PS4 version will be the only one to be available physically; the Vita and PC versions are digital only. Day one physical copies will include a code for the PS4 version of God Eater: Resurrection along with extra costumes.

Both of the games have received new trailers:

maxresdefault (4)

Next up is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, which hits on June 28th exclusively for PlayStation 4. Eyes of Heaven is a 2-versus-2 3D brawler based on the nearly 30 year old manga series. It includes 53 playable characters that span from all eight of the manga’s story arcs and tells an original story with a new antagonist,

A trailer showing off the Stardust Crusaders characters was released with the announcement:


Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme vs. Force will follow a little later on July 12th, exclusively on PlayStation Vita. The game has two modes: the basic 2-versus-2 battles and something known as Team Battles. 2-versus-2 battles play out as a simple 3D brawler while Team Battles is more of a strategy-focused mode. The game pulls from various Gundam shows from its 38 year lifespan, including the most recent one, Iron-Blooded Orphans.

maxresdefault (5)

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, the one game not included in the original series of announcements, has a launch window of Fall 2016 and will release on PS4 and Vita. Hollow Realization is a single player action RPG that is meant to replicate the feeling of an MMO. It features an original story about a new version of the titular fictional VR MMO, Sword Art Online.

A new trailer was released with the announcement:


The last game to release is Tales of Berseria. Unfortunately, the game will miss 2016 and has a release window of early 2017. Berseria is the next installment of the long running Tales franchise and will release on PS4 and PC via Steam.


My Opinion:

Aw, why does JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have to come out the same day Zero Time Dilemma? I will probably buy both and then feel irresponsible about it later.

Riley Berry is an Associate Writer for MONG who wishes he could be half as manly and fabulous as the Joestar family. You can follow him on Twitter.


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