PlayStation 5 May Never Exist

While speaking to PlayStation executive, Shuhei Yoshida, Oddworld creator, Lorne Lanning learned of PlayStation’s uncertain future.

In a post on NeoGAF, user generic_username noticed that while Lanning was on the Game Informer Show, he recalled a conversation prior to an on-stage interview with Yoshida about the possible appearance of a PlayStation 5.

“I said, ‘well, what does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ and he said ‘you mean if’. […] I said ‘are you willing to say that on a stage?’ and he said ‘yeah, it’s an if’. It was a really interesting thing, and he didn’t give me a clear answer.”

Lanning then went on to clarify that he does not believe Yoshida was alluding to the possible demise of the Sony brand, but that the comment may have been an early reference to incremental upgrades such as the PlayStation NEO (PS4.5, PS4K).

“He’s hinting at [needing] to be more agile. None of us know what the future really looks like, so how do we adapt faster? To me that’s the way he was thinking about it […] The idea that you’re going to be releasing a piece of technology that lasts seven years into the future, I think, is less and less viable.”

My Opinion:

As of yet, I have not accepted NEO as the next logical step in the development of home console hardware. Iterative consoles may be the industry’s future, but that future is not without its fair share of bumps in the road. People will certainly still line up for the next hardware release, but it’s going to get more difficult to drop hundreds of dollars annually just to remain in the current generation. It may not be long before the lines that separate console and PC are irreparably blurred. Hardware generations may just become an antiquated development cycle, but I’ll happily remain the dinosaur who looks back on the ‘good ol days.’

Jordan Loeffler is Editor in Chief for MONG. As you can see, he’s getting more worked up about whatever the hell it is that Sony is up to. You can also follow him on IGN and on Twitter.

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