Ninja Theory Recruits Talent to Conquer Combat in Hellblade Dev Diary

In the latest development diary for Hellblade, the Ninja Theory team re-examines their approach to combat and brings in some outside talent for motion capture.

Initially the Hellblade team wanted to implement a directional combat system, but discovered the ways it limited animation and resulted in awkward battles involving multiple enemies. They then took another direction, switching to fast and slow attacks in order to achieve good flow and a more natural movement for the character of Senua.

To further bring Senua’s movement to life, the team brought in martial artist and stunt performer Chloe Bruce.  For the enemies in the game, fellow martial artist and stunt performer, Cali Nelle was hired as well. Utilizing their immense talents in motion capture resulted in certain animations being captured much faster than normal.  To see their extraordinary abilities in action, check out the video below.



My Opinion:

Seeing what both Chloe Bruce and Cali Nelle can do in action was incredible.  The final moments of the dev diary where they are fighting against each other and the music kicks in was exhilarating.  I certainly hope that type of music will be in the game as well, because it does a great job of getting you fired up.

Darius Purse is a Senior Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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