Rockstar’s PS2 brawler The Warriors out now on PS4

Today, Sony have announced that Rockstar’s The Warriors is the latest game to join the list of PlayStation 2 Classics on PlayStation 4.


Out today, The Warriors will include the standard (remote play and trophy support) share features and 1080p visuals that comes with emulated PS2 game

Never heard of this strange sounding game? Here’s an official description:

A battle on the streets of New York. The armies of the night number 60,000 strong, and tonight they’re all after The Warriors– a street gang wrongly accused of killing a rival gang leader. The Warriors must make their way from one end of New York to their turf on the other side of the city. All that stands between The Warriors and their survival are 20 miles and thousands of street gang members. The army of gangs owns the streets and there’s no turning back, they must fight for their lives and learn the meaning of loyalty as danger and uncertainty emerge from the city night.

The Warriors is based on 1979 Paramount Pictures cult classic movie of the same name. Developed by Rockstar Toronto, The Warriors released on October 17, 2005. Once released, it garnered a 84 on Metacritic, and was praised for its depiction of gang-life and smooth and superb gameplay.

My Opinion:

Best 4th of July gift ever. While, I still have a ludicrous amount of backlog games from this year so far to get through, I will be taking a 2005-style break to jump back into this game and get my 70’s thug life on. Though…still… no Sega Soccer Slam…no party.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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