New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer With Loads of News

As expected, today we received a bunch of news from the new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games for the Alola region. Be forewarned, there are some interesting revelations.

Check out the list of what’s new here:

-Exeggcutor has an Alola Form that is Grass and Dragon-type

-Vulpix has an Alola Form that is Ice-Type

-Ninetales has an Alola Form that is Ice and Fairy-type

-Sandshrew and Sandslash have Alola Forms that are Ice and Steel-types

-New Pokémon Oricorio has four different forms – one for each island. All are flying-type and with one of the following: Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost. A move, Revelation Dance also changes its type to match the Pokémon’s type.

-New Pokémon Minior is Rock and Flying-Type.  It’s ability Shield Down also reveals it’s core (though that is unknown what it does).

-New Pokémon Gumshoos is Normal-Type

-New Pokémon Fomantis is Grass-Type

-New Pokémon Lurantis, evolved form of Formantis, is Grass-Type It also knows a new Move Solar Blade.

-New Pokémon Mudbray is Ground-Type

-You can also ride on several Pokémon – including Charizard, among others

-Each Island has a challenge that is “Your Rite of Passage” that is type specific (Grass, Water, Fire, Electric)

-At the end of each challenge is a Pokémon totem that has the ability to call in other Pokémon to assist

-When you complete the challenge, you can battle the Kahuna (perhaps the equivalent of a gym leader?)

-Pokémon can unleash a Z-Move, one for each type, that can be unleashed once per battle

Check some still images of the trailer here:

My Opinion:
I’m utterly shocked that old Pokémon now have somewhat opposite types and that there are s many new “forms”. And don’t get me started on the “super moves”. And are there only Kahuna’s and no gyms? Very intrigued but cautious…ith
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