Four New Pokemon Announced for Sun & Moon

To kick off the Pokémon World Champions in San Francisco, Pokémon Company revealed a small trailer officially showcasing four new Pokémon for Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Crabrawler, a Fighting-type Crab, that apparently likes to brawl was the first Pokémon showcased.

Sandygast, who evolves into Palossand, are both Ghost- and Ground-Types, and as their names suggest, are very sandy and look like wonderful sand castles.

Lastly is Stufful, a Normal- and Fighting-Type cute little bear.

My Opinion:
The slew of random announcements are great and is certainly keeping “Pokémon” on the tounge of many people. Time will tell if this excitement with Sun & Moon, as well as Pokémon GO, will lead to major sales in November.

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