Horror is Rejuvenated in Remothered: Tormented Fathers Announcement Trailer

What was once announced as a fanmade remake of the original Clock Tower in 2007 is now shaping up to be a fantastically creepy experience all its own.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers began as a passion project for Game Designer Chris Darril a decade ago, intended to pay tribute to a classic horror game. The original project stalled when he was hired on as part of the team responsible for NightCry, a spiritual successor to Clock Tower released in 2016. Now, Darril is once again able to return to his project with help from Stormind Games — taking it in a great new direction.

From the official Remothered website:

Rosemary Reed, a fascinating 35 year old woman, reaches the house of a retired notary, Dr. Felton, who is affected by a mysterious disease. The woman is greeted by Ms. Gloria, the nurse who takes care of the old man. When Rosemary reveals herself and her true intentions, the terrifying dread begins.

Rosemary’s investigations will bring her to believe that the disappearance of the man’s daughter Celeste actually hides a terrible massacre. Dr. Felton and his wife, Arianna, could be the only ones to know the truth, including the secret behind Celeste’s real identity and a fanatic cult of cloistered nuns in red.

The real essence of survival horror

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is the first chapter of the long-awaited third person game trilogy. Playing as Rosemary, you will have to face psychopaths and fanatics. A web of lies where murders and obsessions come to life. A revolutionary experience created for survival-horror fans.

Intended as the first chapter within a trilogy, Remothered: Tormented Fathers will release sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

My Opinion:

The influences from both Clock Tower and Rule of Rose are very apparent, and the video game industry needs more horror games with that kind of style. I look forward to seeing more of this title in the future!

Chris Cobb is an Associate Editor for MONG, and a diehard fan of supernatural tales, conspiracy theories, and horror games. Seek him out on Youtube or Twitter!

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