New Major Update Coming To PlayStation 4

Earlier today, Sony announced that there will be a new update coming to PlayStation 4. As of now, selected members will get a way to try out the new beta of software update patch 4.50. This new patch will have several new features and some requested features.

  • External HDD Support – Much like the Xbox One, you can now use an external HDD for the system. A 3.0 USB is needed and you can use up to 8TB memory for use.
  • Custom Wallpaper – Using the screenshots of the games you play, you can now use those photos to have a wallpaper for your system. You can even go the Sharefactory and edit the pictures you have for use.
  • Quick Menu Refresh – New improvements will be implemented as well as new options.
  • Simplified Notification List – The notification is greatly improved as you can look at all your alerts in one go, you can even customize any alerts you want to know when you first turn on the system.
  • Post on PlayStation Network Activity Feed – You can share your accomplishments to everyone using the Activity Feed area.
  • 3D Blu-Ray on PlayStation VR – You can now watch 3D movies on PlayStation VR.
  • Boost Mode for PlayStation 4 Pro – This will allow better performance for games that haven’t been patched for Pro yet.

More information for this monster of a patch will be released when it becomes available soon.

My Opinion:

I approve of most of these new features. The only one I’m iffy about is Boost Mode. If I can play games like Bloodborne or The Witcher 3 in a better framerate then it makes me want a PlayStation 4 Pro, even though I didn’t before. I have to see what it’s like in motion first.

Jesse Webster is a senior writer at Middle of Nowhere Gaming and needs to see Doctor Strange on 3D VR.

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