Chill Out with Kolin in Street Fighter V character introduction

Kolin is the latest character to join the Street Fighter V roster and Capcom has released an introductory video shedding insight on the character.

First appearing as an NPC in Street Fighter III, Kolin is a member of a secret illuminati organization gifted with the power of ice. What she lacks in high-damaging attacks she makes up for in set-ups, counters, and long combo strings.

Players with a technical fighting style who enjoy mind games will find much to like in the ice-wielding fighter. Check out the video below to see Kolin’s V-Skill and V-Trigger in action.



My Opinion:

I remember seeing a lot of Kolin during Street Fighter V’s story mode. While she doesn’t appeal to me in terms of design or playstyle, I do like Capcom going with new fighters in Season 2’s DLC fighters.

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