Gravity Rush 2 DLC Dated

Fans of the Gravity Rush series won’t have to wait long to return to Kat’s world when DLC for Gravity Rush 2 releases in March.

Coming courtesy of Siliconera,the story-focused DLC titled “Another Story: The Ark of Time- Raven’s Choice” will arrive on March 21st. As the title suggests, this free DLC will star the character of Raven and is set after the ending of the first Gravity Rush.

The content was originally part of Gravity Rush 2, but was removed as to not confuse players who may not have played Gravity Rush. The Ark of Time will run around five hours with new characters, challenges, and opportunity to collect more rare Talismans.


My Opinion:

Free DLC is a good thing, and I agree with the decision to not make it a part of Gravity Rush 2. I still have the first game on my Vita begging me to play it on the back of my mind. So many games. So little time.

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