Latest Pokémon Go Event Is a GO

Get your walking shoes ready. Pokémon Go’s latest event will have players rocking and rolling for the next few days.

During Adventure Week, from May 18th to May 25th, players will have an increased encounter rate for all rock-type Pokémon. In addition, your Pokémon Buddy obtains candy four times faster than usual (i.e.: If it normally takes 5km, then it now takes 1.25km to obtain a candy).

For those that aren’t Poke-masters, below is the full list of rock-type Pokémon within Pokémon Go: Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Onix, Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Sudowoodo, Magcargo, Shuckle, Corsola (seems to be a region exclusive), Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar.

This isn’t the first major event that Pokémon Go has done in recent months. Niantic and Pokémon Company hosted a Halloween Event with increased ghost-type Pokémon encounters, Thanksgiving Event with double experience and stardust, Valentine’s Day Event with double candy and increased pink Pokémon, among others.

My Opinion:

Niantic, Pokémon Company, Nintendo, and whomever else is involved with Pokémon Go have continued to do a phenomenal job at engaging players and keeping them interested. I continue to play this almost everyday and appreciate the moni “wins” throughout. If these events are any indication, I cannot wait to see what they’ll do for the one year anniversary.

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