Reverie, a Legend of Zelda and Earthbound Inspired Game coming to PS Vita First

Just when you thought that the PS Vita was dead, even after being abandoned by Sony, it was announced earlier last week in a press release that eastasiasoft would be publishing Reverie and it would be coming to PS Vita first.

Reverie is an adventure game being created by a New Zealand developer, Rainbite. This game takes players back to the 16 bit classic games it is inspired by, those games being The Legend of Zelda series and Earthbound.

This partnership between the developer and eastasiasoft will put players in the shoes of a boy named Tai who is on summer vacation. The game takes place on Toromi island, a fictional island near the coast of the developer’s home country, New Zealand.  The game has six explorable dungeons with angry spirit enemies that will make exploring those dungeons a little more difficult.

Reverie is coming to the PS Vita in 2018 digitally through the PlayStation Store and limited physical release through PlayAisa only. At this time there is no official word if Reverie is coming to other platforms, but eastasiasoft teased there is a possibility of the game coming to other systems.

My Opinion:

I have been following eastaiasoft for a couple years,  usually all the games they have developed and published don’t interest me. With Reverie though I will say I feel a certain itch being scratched when I look at the trailer for this game. I got a feeling I will dust off my vita just to play this game.

Dennis B. Price is an Associate Writer for MONG and loves Video Games, DC/Marvel(equally), Anime, Wrestling and other nerdy things. Check him out on his Twitter.

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