Hellblade’s Accolades Trailer Highlights Games Emotional Impact

Mental illness is a hard concept to grasp because no one can ever truly know what goes on inside your head. Depicting how someone can struggle with it was one of Ninja Theory’s goals in creating Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and judging from the developer’s Accolades Trailer it succeeded.

The trailer is both a testament to the game’s visuals and profound impact it has generated. All the footage comes from fan screenshots using the in-game photo mode. Alongside the vivid imagery are heartfelt messages Ninja Theory received from fans expressing their gratitude. Check out the trailer below.



My Opinion:

Those are some amazing responses Ninja Theory have received. Being able to touch even one person’s life with your work is a major accomplishment. It’s good to see Hellblade has resonated with people suffering with mental illness in a major way.

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