Marvel, Harry Potter, and Other Goodies from Bulls-I-Toy

It’s been a hot minute since the New York Toy Fair in February of this year. Happily, many of the great goodies shown off from Bulls i Toy are now released or will be getting a release soon, so check out all the fantastic items below:

Chibi Snapz

These adorable characters are simple head-only suction cups that can add some flair to any small area. When I tried messing around with the Marvel Chibi Snapz, I was happy to see them stay so securely on the various spots – a simple and fun little item that adds a bit of fun. Each blind box is $4.99, available at Target, contains two figures, and available for the Marvel or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises.

Thanks to Bulls i Toy, my blind box had Rocket Racoon and Groots – both of which have been happily occupying my desk.

Coin & Patch Sets

Within each of these sets, people will receive a coin and patch representing the various Marvel Universe characters. The Captain Marvel set, currently available, and Endgame set, available soon, has various emblems from the movies through an assortment of blind boxes. Each blind box comes with one coin and patch, available at Target, and are $5.99 each.

Harry Potter Ooshies!

These cute little squishy figures are actually pencil toppers that can add some excitement to your days in the office or classroom. Characters from Harry Potter, DC Universe, and Dreamworks are currently available. Care Bears and WWE characters will be available during Q2 and Q3, respectively. Each blind pack contains two characters, available for $2.99, and are at Target stores.

There are plenty more cutie figures along the way from Bulls i Toy and I’m excited to see them! In the mean time, which one of these are YOUR favorite?

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